Got a story? Do you need people to hear it and keep coming back for more? I can help. I'm a content marketer and creative performer and writer in San Francisco. Here's where I showcase some of my work.


I have a decade of experience acquiring and engaging customers and building awareness through content. eBooks, videos, bylines, infographics, display ads, daily deals, offline ads...My portfolio spans online and offline and includes work for small companies, giant global finance firms, and B2B and B2C tech startups. 

Here's my resume.


I started studying and performing at ImprovBoston and now do so with San Francisco's Un-Scripted Theater Company. Over more than a decade on those stages and others, I've created comedic sketches, narrative dramas, musicals, and more. I also direct and occasionally teach.


On my own time I write occasional humor pieces and comedy sketches.